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Down on the Farm

ICG Magazine - October 2022 - Image Pipelines
ICG Magazine - October 2022 - Image Pipelines
As Queen Sugar wraps its seventh (and final) season, the legacies its characters have left are only rivaled by the unity of its diverse and dedicated crafts team.
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Queen Sugar Is the Most Luxurious Show on Television

The Atlantic - September 2022
The Atlantic - September 2022
“The gorgeous family drama takes its time unraveling and honoring the particularities of Black life.”
Tanisha C. Ford

Queen Sugar Podcast with Tina Lifford & Antonio Calvache

The Official Queen Sugar Podcast: executive producer Paul Garnes is joined by series star Tina Lifford (“Aunt Vi”) and the show’s long-time director of photography, Antonio Calvache.
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Queen Sugar doesn't look like any show on TV. Aside from covering topics and characters that aren't often represented in the mainstream media, it is a genuine feast for the eyes each and every week.

Here, two of the artists who bring the sumptuous visuals to life — director of photography Antonio Calvache and cinematographer Kira Kelly — talk about the creative freedom that led to the show's unique beauty.
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Ava DuVernay’s ‘Queen Sugar’ Is A Beautifully Shot, Character-Driven Drama

The Playlist - September 2016
The Playlist - September 2016
“Director of photography Antonio Calvache worked with Todd Field on “In the Bedroom” and “Little Children,” and he brings an especially cinematic eye to this show. Whether he’s lingering on skin in a moment of tenderness or showcasing the rural beauty of St. Josephine in a wide shot, he and DuVernay have created a distinctly beautiful look for the show that’s often tinged with green even when they aren’t on the farm. The cinematography, as well as small details about the town and relationships, go far in building the world of St. Josephine and its culture.”
Kimber Myers
“Antonio has an exquisite eye in terms of the way light falls.”
Todd Field
“Antonio Calvache, AEC lends a striking look to a small-town community in the emotional drama Little Children.”
John Calhoun
“… I fell in love with cinema, and knowing that photography was an important part of filmmaking opened the door for me to become a cinematographer.”        
Antonio Calvache
“It's lush in the right places, lean in others; director of photography Antonio Calvache and production designer Michele Laliberte outdo themselves with one beautiful pallet after another.”        
Betsy Sharkey
“Todd Field is the director/co-writer on two superb, Cassavetes-like films, "In the Bedroom" (nominated for many awards, including five Oscar nominations) and "Little Children." Both were shot by Antonio Calvache, whose talent for cinematography was unmistakable from AFI's first cycle project.”

"Cinematography Fellow" Antonio Calvache, now a distinguished member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), reminds me of Vittorio Storaro, another fine artist who, as Storaro puts it, "paints with light."
Anath White